“A cup of tea is
a cup of peace.”

Custom and private-label tea and herbal tea manufacturing

In our production plant, we undertake the complete contract manufacturing of custom teas and herbal teas.

We’ll help you from leaves to the cup

We provide everything from the ground up, from formulation and manufacturing to product design and packaging.

Private-label tea and herbal tea manufacturing

Interested in our ready-to-use, custom tea formulas but with your own brand name and logo?

We turn your vision into reality

Take advantage of private labelling! Reduce your costs! Increase your margins!

ingredients is where
it all begins.

ingredients is where
it all begins.

We are passionate about sourcing the ingredients for our teas directly from producers around the world. We are committed to working with the best global tea and flavour producers. With decades of experience, premium ingredients, well-qualified staff, and an in-house custom supplement team holding doctorates, we’re ready to make your dreams reality.

Low minimum order quantities

When it comes to launching a new custom-made tea product, it is often simply not feasible to order large quantities of each member of the product line. The low MOQ we offer can reduce the cost of entering the market and alleviate problems associated with expiring stock when initial sales levels are low.

Our quoting process

Our product-design and formulation team works tirelessly to give you the most accurate quotation for the product you have in mind. We do our utmost to provide our customers with excellent offers as quickly as possible.