Premium quality

What’s in the box?

Selected ingredients, quality processing and manufacturing, continuous control.
quality guarantees:


“The suppliers of our source ingredients are selected from around the world with the utmost care.
We use non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients from organic sources.
The botanical identity of our plant-based source ingredients is guaranteed. The active ingredient content of all our materials is known due to repeated testing and quantity monitoring, and is constant throughout the shelf life.

We are the first in Hungary to use innovative ingredients with registered trademarks in many of our products. We strive to exclude all levels of foreign, harmful substances (pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides and alike) in our source materials and final products.”

quality guarantees:


We test the quality of our products using recognised analytical methods in independent, certified laboratories. For products intended for professional athletes, doping tests are carried out and the results of the accredited laboratory that conducted the tests are published. The active ingredient content of our products remains constant and stable until the expiry date.

quality guarantees:


Our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification ensures the integrity of the manufacturing processes of our products and compliance with food safety regulations.

With decades of experience, premium ingredients, well-qualified staff, and an in-house custom supplement team holding doctorates, we’re ready to make your dreams reality.


In summary: All the active ingredients and excipients used in our products come from trusted partners and have a certificate of quality. We are committed to replacing animal products with organic and GMO-free plant products wherever possible. All the ingredients used are notified to Hungary’s National Institute for Pharmacy and Nutrition and are indicated on the label. They are used in our products in guaranteed and controlled quantities during manufacturing. We do not use any performance enhancing substances or doping agents in our products, and, for products intended for professional athletes, this is verified by testing in accredited laboratories.