Private-label products

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Interested in our ready-to-use, custom formulas but with your own brand name and logo?

We provide everything from the ground up, from formulation and manufacturing to packaging.

As a private-label dietary supplement manufacturer, we seek companies who want to create a family of nutrition supplement products under their own brand name. We know that the products we produce for our customers represent their brand and carry their name. We are able to produce not just a product, but, if required, an entire product family bearing your brand name. We take this responsibility extremely seriously.

We turn your vision into reality

Take advantage of private labelling! Reduce your costs! Increase your margins! Eliminate unnecessary steps in the supply chain! Most importantly, build and strengthen your own brand and your own business!


Quality is the most important characteristic a dietary supplement can possess. It defines both the product and the brand whose name it carries.

Quality cannot be replaced by quantity, and without quality all other product traits are meaningless. We also take this responsibility extremely seriously.


Our aim is to create a premium, innovation-driven product portfolio and professional service in the region by combining the decades of medical, natural medicine, multinational pharmaceutical and manufacturing experience of our professionals.

What sets our products apart from other dietary supplements is the synergistic system of scientifically formulated, quality-assured natural active ingredients in the maximal combination working together to provide a complex solution that maintains and restores a healthy balance.

is seeing

Appearance is a major part of sensory marketing. Today, besides the actual function of products, their aesthetic physical appearance and presentation in the online space is a critical factor in selling them. By looking at the packaging, we deduce, either consciously or subconsciously, the quality of the product, whether it is in the luxury category, how aesthetically pleasing it is or what other characteristics it has.

As part of the BiYo-Product complex service, our leading designers help to give your products a tremendous look.

Low minimum order quantities

When it comes to launching a custom-made private-label product family, it is often simply not feasible to order large quantities of each member of the product line. The low MOQ we offer can reduce the cost of entering the market and alleviate problems associated with expiring stock when initial sales levels are low.

Our quoting process

Our product-design and formulation team works tirelessly to give you the most accurate quotation for the product you have in mind. We do our utmost to provide our customers with excellent offers as quickly as possible.