Custom-made procucts

Be a trailblazer! - Be Marketleader!

Custom nutritional supplement manufacturing allows your company to enter the market with unique products that have a unique built concept, unique active ingredient content, unique brand name and appearance that will give you a competitive advantage to stand out from the rest of the market.

We provide everything from the basics, from formulation and manufacturing to product design and packaging.

As a custom private label supplement manufacturer, we can produce almost anything from a mono-ingredient to the most complex tablet or capsule formulation, thanks to our experienced in-house Research & Development staff and formulation engineers.

Driven by quality

For us, quality means much more than just meeting the manufacturer’s specifications for food supplements. We consider the pursuit of the highest standards of quality to be both an intrinsic requirement and a necessary condition for meeting the needs of the consumer.


We select our raw material suppliers from all over the world with the greatest care. We use non-genetically modified (non-GMO) raw materials from bio-organic sources. The (botanical) identity of our starting (plant) raw materials is guaranteed. The active ingredient content of all our raw materials is known as a result of multiple detections and quantitative checks and constant during the warranty period.

We are the first in Hungary to use innovative, registered trademarked ingredients in several of our products. The level of foreign substances (pathogens, heavy metals, plant protection products, etc.) in our starting materials and in the final product
we strive to completely exclude it!


Our goal is to create a premium category product portfolio, based on innovation, and a professional service in the region by combining decades of medical, naturopathy, multinational pharmaceutical and manufacturing experience inherent in our company’s professionals.

Our products are distinguished from other food supplements by the synergistic system of their maximally complex, mutually supportive natural active ingredients, compiled according to scientific requirements, with the help of which we want to provide a complex solution for maintaining and restoring a healthy balance.

Believing is

Appearance is one of the defining elements of sensory marketing. Today, in addition to the product’s actual function, it is its aesthetic physical appearance and its presentation in the online space has become a decisive factor in the sale of products. Seeing the packaging, we infer (consciously or unconsciously) the quality of the product, whether it belongs to the luxury category, how aesthetic it is, or what other properties it has.

With the help of our leading designers, as part of BiYo-Product's complex service, you can give your products a fantastic look.

Low minimum order quantities

When it comes to launching a custom-made product family, it is often simply not feasible to order large quantities of each member of the product line. The lower MOQ we offer, can reduce the cost of going to market and alleviate problems associated with expiring stock when initial sales levels are low.

Our Quoting Process

Our product-design and formulation team works tirelessly to provide you with the most accurate quotation for the product you have in mind. We do our utmost to provide our customers with excellent offers as quickly as possible.