The past compels us and dictates our future

“There is no future without the past, and the richer your past is, the more ties there are to anchor your future.”
Dr István Bérci

From its inception, Dr Bérci led BiYo-Product with unwavering commitment and professional conscientiousness.
We are continuing the work that he began, thereby also keeping his memory alive.

BiYo-Product Ltd. was one of the first independent solely Hungarian-owned healthcare companies established in the period after the change of regime.

Founded in 1990, the main activity of BiYo-Product Manufacturing Research & Development and Trading Ltd. is the development and production of complex dietary supplements of natural origin. 

Our mission
and vision

We believe in the 2,500-year-old Hippocratic truth that having a good lifestyle has the power to preserve health. Our aim by manufacturing high-standard products is, in today’s hectic world, to help people who are seeking top-quality, natural solutions that are not based on medicinal drugs for their health deficiencies and/or dysfunctions caused by disturbances in their external or internal environment to regain their functionality and live a full life.

Our paramount goal is primordial prevention mainly through influencing lifestyle habits, above all eating habits, as a means of addressing common pathological and pathophysiological abnormalities in lifestyle-related diseases.

Our mission
and vision

Research & Development

Our scientifically formulated products have a maximally complex system of active ingredients, which sets them apart from other preparations.

Growth trajectory

BIYOPRODUCT has been on a financially stable path since its foundation. We wish to serve our partners with responsible and future-oriented management.

Manufacturing technology

By pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technology, we are able to produce the most complex formulas possible.

International presence

Making our services and products available as widely as possible in international markets occupies an important place among our strategic goals.


For us, quality means much more than just compliance with the regulations for dietary supplements. We regard striving for the highest level of quality to be both our own intrinsic requirement and a necessary condition for meeting consumer demands.

Our values and principles

Lifestyle medicine